15 Pakistani software providers, including Startups to attract foreign buyers and investors in Dubai

Pakistan is going to showcase its best services and products from the Tech industry at GITEX – a leading IT trade show in Dubai. With 9 leading companies in the GITEX Technology Week and 6 promising startups in GITEX Future Stars section, the Pakistan pavilion is going to leave its mark on the international investors and buyers visiting the show.

Participation from Pakistan is being sponsored by the Government of Pakistan with support of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@sha). The show will take place on 14-18 October 2018 in Dubai World Trade Center. A special Pakistan pavilion will be provided for the teams where they will showcase their business.

The participating companies are anticipating a 100,000+ buyers coming from 140+ countries, providing them the largest platform to create business connections across the globe. The event will also support grass root innovation from Pakistan by enabling the startups to share their success, get secure funding and find routes to market their products and services by connecting them with 250+ investors with around $10bn of investor fund.

Here are the qualifying companies and startups which will be showcasing in the Pakistan Pavilion:

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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to mobile-enable enterprise processes or a start-up squashing the status quo, we help you deliver your innovation. Our lean startup methodology, our proprietary tools, our app frameworks and our 500,000+ man hours of design and development experience are at your beck and call.

Website: www.folio3.com


Ashtex Solutions is your end to end technology partner. We are a combination of the best IT professionals worked on varied IT projects and web solutions, for a number of years and bestowed us with sheer confidence of being a quality oriented IT solution provider company.

Website: www.ashtexsolutions.com


A high performance team offering Custom Mobile & Web Application Development Services. We are a company built on the habit of delivering to customer’s satisfaction. We practice Agile & Test Drive Development. Each iteration is 2 weeks long and results in new testable functionality.

Wesbite: www.riksof.com


Digital softs is a great (IT Solutions & Services) Software company providing you software solutions according to your needs. We believe that technology plays vital role for grooming people and businesses. That’s why we always try to help people in achieving their objectives by using best technologies and solutions.

Website: www.digitalsofts.com 


TPL Maps is the first indigenous digital mapping company of Pakistan providing GIS-based scalable solutions to businesses. TPL Maps has the largest location-based data collection with over 250+ cities mapped, approximately 3.2 million geocoded addresses and over 300,000+ kilometers of road network mapped across the country.

Website: www.tplmaps.com


We are a Human Capital Management company which provides solutions designed with the individual in mind, offering the most innovative and intuitive user experience with the flexibility to meet your needs. Complete and modular set of enterprise application, engineered from the ground up to be cloud-ready and to coexist seamlessly in mixed environments.

Website: www.smarthcm.com


DRL offers comprehensive software development and customized solution delivery and consulting services. For both small businesses and large enterprises, we build high quality, flexible, robust solutions that enable organizations to focus on core competencies while leaving software development and related activities to us.

Website: www.drl.com.pk


No matter your organization is cloud native or traditional, recruiting and retaining talent to operate your cloud infrastructure can be expensive and complex. At iVolve we help customers get the most out of cloud, creating powerful hybrid services that solve business problems.

Website: www.ivovle.io


*Direct Participant*

Nisum is a global business & technology consulting firm. We enable transformation for industry-leading brands, building strong emotional bonds between B2C clients and their customers via scalable technologies. At the intersection of business and technology, Nisum’s deep technical expertise results in integrated solutions that deliver real and measurable growth.

Website: www.nisum.com



Out2sol.com provides technology solutions & professional consultancy services to many businesses across Middle East. Our Strength in Software Applications, Security Assessment, Project Management & Trainings are unique & Professional that perfectly serves your business requirements without impacting your budget with huge cost of running IT operations.

Website: www.out2sol.com


Simobo provides tools and expertise for businesses and communities around the globe. From rendering SMS group chat services to providing social online food and retail solutions, we create products that transform the way people live, work and communicate.

Website: www.simobo.com


Rapidev is committed to delivering cutting edge technology software and telecom solutions based upon the client’s key business requirements. We are working on extensive R&D on telecommunication related projects in the fields of Wireless communication, Mobile communication, Cellular security, Surveillance, Voice over IP and Power systems.

Website: www.rapidev.ae


We are Call Center Specialists who provide exceptional services to our customers, offer extraordinary features, our product is cost effective and beneficial for your call center business—it’s not everything, we add more value to your product and services with sincerity, integrity and loyalty.

Website: www.dialer360.com


We provide best in class 3D Printing systems & solutions that change the way you work. We have transformed the manufacturing processes making them more agile, more efficient & customized with cost & time savings of up to 90%. 3D PRINTING is bringing about the Next Industrial Revolution and we are proudly one of the fastest growing 3D Printing Solutions Company in the region.

Website: www.xplorer3d.com


*Participating FOC*

Bioniks strives hard to improve the current system and possibilities available in the field of healthcare by providing innovative solutions that aim to change the current options available for the better. We are currently providing services in two area; namely highly advanced prosthesis and models for surgical planning.

Website: www.bioniks.org


The Pakistani Pavilion was formally inaugurated by Dr. Nasir Khan, Commercial Counselor at Dubai Consulate General and Mr Muhammad Zohaib Khan, Senior Vice Chairman of P@SHA.

The Pakistan pavilion was located very prominently and with a creative design, it kept attracting a good number of visitor flow throughout the show. Let’s see how was the exhibitors’ experience:

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