14 Leading Tech Firms Participate at Collision Canada

The brilliance of Pakistan’s innovation was experienced at Collision Canada where 14 leading tech firms participated in Pakistan Pavilion. Attendees were immersed in pioneering solutions, visionary concepts, and boundless potential. The event took place from June 26-29, 2023, and witnessed the unveiling of the future of tech. It was an opportunity not to be missed to be a part of Pakistan’s technological revolution.

Pakistan pavilion at collision canada

Pakistan pavilion at Collision Canada

A momentous event unfolded as distinguished guests, including Consul General Mr. Khalil Bajwa, TIC Mr. Azhar Hussain, and P@SHA CEC member Mr. Azam Mughal, inaugurated the Pakistan Pavilion at Collision Conf. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the convergence of innovation, collaboration, and visionary concepts as Pakistan proudly showcased its technological expertise on the global platform.

With a diverse range of innovative products & services, the Pakistani Pavilion became a focal point for international visitors seeking collaborations and partnerships. Pakistani entrepreneurs, armed with groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions, seized the platform to present their products and services to a global audience.

Participation in Collision Canada provided Pakistani tech firms with invaluable exposure and networking opportunities. They had the chance to engage with industry leaders, investors, and potential clients, leading to promising business prospects.

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B2B Delegation Meet-n-Greet in Toronto

Tech Destination with Pakistani delegates visited Brampton’s Economic Development Office during Collision 2023. These captivating photographs showcase the thriving business ecosystem, vibrant Innovation District, and meaningful connections forged.

The IT delegation from Pakistan, under the leadership of PSEB and P@SHA, was warmly hosted by The Canada-Pakistan Business Council, Perseus Operating Group, and Contour Software Division for a meet-and-greet session at CollisionConf. The event sparked meaningful discussions, encouraged collaboration, and contributed to business growth.

About Collision Canada

Toronto was thrilled to host the 2023 Collision conference, North America’s fastest-growing technology conference and the largest Collision conference to date. More than 40,000 innovators, tech professionals, and visitors from around the world gathered in the city, bringing a vibrant and dynamic energy to the event. The conference served as a global hub for innovation, fostering valuable connections and showcasing groundbreaking technologies. Toronto’s renowned tech ecosystem provided the perfect backdrop, offering a rich and diverse environment for collaboration and growth.

The conference is part of a series of technology conferences that include Web Summit in Europe and Rio de Janeiro. The largest Collision to date, the conference attracted more than 700 speakers, 2,000 start-ups, 1,250 journalists, 950 investors and 100 unicorn companies from 140 countries, and over 120 trade delegations.

The next edition of Collision Conference is going to take place in Toronto on 17 – 20 June 2024. To participate in the event, contact us today.